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Our people make the difference.

Drawing on the very best in the business SETAC will provide its clients with consultants best suited to their needs. Whether it is the provision of a bespoke training package, the development of a compliance audit process, or indeed any factor related to explosives and firearms licensing in the UK ( yes, we are familiar with NI legislation too) we have the right person for you. 

Our Consultants

We offer the most sought after and highly qualified consultants in this unique legislative sector. Our senior consultant comes from a military and police background and has represented the police service on explosives issues at national level for a number of years. Our other consultants draw on many years experience as Firearms Enquiry Officers and Explosive Liaison Officers in the police service.

Work in progress - some examples of projects that we are currently involved with. (at April 2019)

  • HSE explosives licence application for the National Rifle Association at Bisley Camp
  • HSE explosives licence application for a new mining venture in North Yorkshire
  • Provision of all course material and a trainer to the national police Explosive Liaison Officer course.
  • Provision of training support and consultancy services to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
  • Delivery of security training and consultancy services to a major importer and distributor of explosives in GB.
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